Local Resources

Trained individuals in Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance/Movement Therapy, Drama Therapy and Poetry Therapy work in many different organizations across the region. Additionally, 12902833_mvarious organizations and centers share our vision of the transformative power of the arts
not only in mental health and rehabilitative care but also in
education, community empowerment or social justice: 

The following list includes links to local organizations which provide therapeutic and/or community arts programming, supplies and media resources. Inclusion on this list is for informational purposes only and is not considered an endorsement of services

Pittsburgh Arts in Education and Therapy – www.creativearts-therapy.org.
We’re also on Facebook – Facebook.com/4paet

Art Expression Inc. – www.artexpressioninc.org

Arts Education Collaborative –  www.artsedcollaborative.org      Drama_s

Association for Play Therapy PA ( hosts programs in Pgh region) – www.paapt.org  

Attack Theatre – www.attacktheatre.com

Bodiography – www.movement.bodiography.com  

Bricolage Theatre – www.bricolagepgh.org

Center for BodyMindMovement (has a Pgh location) www.bodymindmovement.com

Creative Citizens Studios – www.citizenstudios.org

Movement_sDance Alloy School – www.dancealloy.org

Expressive Media Inc. – www.expressivemedia.org

Figment Pittsburgh – www.pittsburgh.figmentproject.org

Fine Art Miracles – www.fineartmiracles.com

Gateway to the Arts – www.gatewaytothearts.org

Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council – www.pittsburghartscouncil.org

Greater Pittsburgh Counseling Association – www.pacounseling.org
(See division link for GPCA or the GPCA Facebook page) )

InterPlay Pittsburgh – www.interplay.org
nterplay – Pittsburgh Facebook

Irma Freeman Center for Imagination – www.irmafreeman.org  

Love Front Porch – www.lovefrontporch.com

Art_sMoving the Lives of Kids Mural Project – www.mlkmural.com 

Nuin Center – www.nuincenter.com

Operation Valor Arts – www.ovarts.org  (some Pgh based activities)

Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse – www.pccr.org

Pittsburgh  Center for the Arts – www.pittsburgharts.org

Pittsburgh Gestalt Assoc – www.gestaltpittsburgh.org

Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company – http://www.pghplaywrights.com

Pittsburgh  Society of Jungian Analysts –  www.pittsburghjungiananalysts.org 

Pittsburgh Kids+Creativity Network – www.remakelearning.org

Pittsburgh  MOTH story slam – www.themoth.org 

Music_sPittsburgh  Psychoanalytic Center – www.pghpsa.org

S’eclairer – www.seclairer.com

Society for Contemporary Crafts –  www.contemporarycraft.org

Three Rivers Storytelling Festival – www.3rstf.org 

Touch Art – http://touchartblog.wordpress.com

Touchstone Center for Crafts – www.touchstonecrafts.org 

Village Center for Holistic Therapy – www.villagetherapy.org

Wesley Spectrum Services Creative Arts Program – www.wesleyspectrum.org




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