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Welcome to Pittsburgh Arts in Education and Therapy (PAET) where Art, Dance/Movement, Music, Drama, Play and Poetry therapies are highlighted. Our focus is on the emotional, social, physical and cognitive needs of our clients and the use of the arts as transformative experiences in SW Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh region.

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We hope the resources and information offered will be useful to professionals and the public alike. Our mission is to network, collaborate and educate.   Drama_s

Why Use the Creative Arts in Therapy?
Art, dance/movement, drama, music, play, poetry and other forms of creative activity provide alternative outlets for self-expression. Through painting or drawing, improvising a drama, moving in dance, singing or playing an instrument, dynamic avenues for increasing self-awareness, gaining insight, fostering self-esteem, learning new emotional skills and integrating the physical, cognitive and psychological parts of ourselves are provided. Clinical and evidence-based interventions are utilized to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship as well as providing wellness programs outside of therapy settings.

3200658_mWhere do creative arts therapists work in the Pittsburgh region?
Creative Arts Therapy professionals work in local psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, assisted living centers, residential treatment centers, shelters, substance abuse programs, alternative schools and many other types of human service agencies along with private practice. Additional opportunities for teaching artists and community artists occur in schools and through community arts events. Finally, medical centers and wellness centers promote use of the arts for mindfulness and healing. We design expressive experiences that draw on our strengths as artists at the same time we engage others in the process of expressing themselves through the arts. Our focus is on the emotional, social, physical and cognitive needs of our clients.

Can other professionals use approaches from the creative arts therapies?
PAET activities and resources are open to anyone interested in learning more about creative arts approaches and their ethical use in therapeutic settings.   Creative Arts Therapy is utilized by therapists who have completed approved programs and whose training allows for certification and/or licensure options. While advanced training is required, professionals such as Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Counselors, Teachers and Special Educators, Recreational and Poetry_sOccupational Therapists, Nurses, Psychologists and Teaching Artists can all use some of the simpler creative approaches developed within the expressive therapies to enhance their work. Training and awareness of the ethical considerations when using creative approaches are essential, however.


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  • Express Yourself!

    Drawing, completed by a child, of their view of the relationship with their therapist.